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Lensgraph photography and videography

A powerful way to communicate company messages is through short videos, often no longer than a few minutes length. On these videos a manager or employee will speak personally about th eir role, or on a particular business process or issue. We call these short videos 'Talking Heads', and these videos are filmed at the client's location. We bring our audio recording equipment and lighting to create studio quality 'sets', ensuring fully professional results. We will allow as much rehearsal time and 'takes' as required enabling the subject ot relax and be at ease. Our clients use these very popular Talking Heads on their company websites, Investor Days or on social media feeds to bring their personal stories to life.

Corporate training videography

Corporate & Business Videos

Video & Photos is increasingly popular as a corporate communications tool, especially in the age of social media and wireless technology. Using our new top of the range Canon/Nikon cameras HD videos have a fabulous cinematic feel. Of course it takes more than professional equipment to get great video, it also needs the experience of our videographers and editors.

Our videos will run equally well on mobile phones and iPads, as well as on LED/LCD Televisions / Screens, desktop PCs and laptops.

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